Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Three Sons Designs: Onesies, Bibs, T's and Home Goods with Nostalgic Charm

Jen Byard is an artist who draws her inspiration from vintage motif, creative cool, and anything that is a nod to that which “reminds parents of their past.” Her custom line of products for babies, kids, and home are offered through her company, My Three Sons, and are a big dose of happy.

“I try to follow my instincts when creating new products. I always ask myself whether I would use the item myself,” shares Jen. How could you not? Her onesies, bibs, and kids tshirts are adorable works of art that any parent would appreciate. Her line of kitchen towels make a unique statement in any home.

On participating in today’s LVCreative popUPshop: “I love finding new venues to participate in with other local artists. I appreciate the work and creative expression they put out in their products and love sharing mine as well. I think it's important to give the community the opportunity to buy locally and get to know the artists in their area.”

Today Blessed? YES! Meet Fellow Flower Twirler Carla Bassi of Che Bella

Breathtaking. Amorous. Relevant. Che Bella - how beautiful - is the work of esteemed floral artists Carla and Jim Bassi. Creating custom botanical design that sings to the hearts and minds of their customers has proudly directed their work for over 10 years.

Carla and Jim bring thought and meaning to every aspect of their professional play. “We pay homage to the history of giving flowers,” explained Carla. “Our passion comes from the unique story that each customer brings to the intention of their purchase.” This edict, married with a deep understanding of horticulture and the medium with which they work, yields creations that are not only stunning in entirety but transform the environment in which they’re housed.

A customer of Che Bella is able to ask and s/he will receive. Whether it’s a gift for a loved one that expresses celebration or sympathy, or a piece for a work environment that visually interprets the mission of a company, Carla and Jim don’t disappoint. They’re excited to share beautiful creations for purchase at the LVCreative popUP Shop, and hope this opportunity facilitates the opportunity to establish new friendships.

We've poppedUP: The Studio Doors are O*P*E*N-- come join us! Photos Courtesy of Josh Aull, Post by Rebecca Gaffney

By Rebecca Gaffney, Co-Founder | Writer, Red Letter Days Events, LLC

I’ve had the pleasure of calling LaVonne my friend for several years. Her kind heart, thoughtful intelligence, and divinely-gifted creativity have always inspired me. In fact, they inspire everyone with whom she touches. Ask any artist, event professional, or client who has collaborated with LaVonne, and you’re met with a smile and “She’s amazing.”

She’s humble as well (which is why I’m writing this piece in my voice…LaVonne won’t brag about herself so I’ll do it for her). LaVonne is a stand for passion, excellence in craftsmanship, and realizing visions beyond expectation. Adorations Botanical Artistry is an extension of LaVonne and it’s her vehicle for actualizing aesthetic awareness, which is paramount to her. She states that the name “Adorations Botanical Artistry” was selected deliberately and carefully.

It’s with the governing values of Adorations in mind that LaVonne established LVCreative and its inaugural popUPshop. “We are like-minded artists who have a passion for raising awareness of nontraditional retail merchandising. We hold a vision of similar, sometimes identical, vendors, supporting one another in the spirit of community through mutual trust and unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and quality.”

Excitement is stirring for today’s popUPshop, and the team of participating artists are anxious to share their work with its attendees. What a gratifying, happy experience for all, especially my friend, LaVonne, who we’re so proud of.

Shupaca: Fair Trade, Handcrafted Alpaca Wares are poppingUP Today!

When building a case for the sale of a product, incorporating “Just ask any Incan Emperor why only the royal families were allowed to wear it!” to the pitch creates an interesting hook. Meet Shupaca, a collection of designers, artists, entrepreneurs, and travelers who produce items, such as scarves, sweaters, socks, and blankets, made from Alpaca fur. What’s an Alpaca? It’s a super cute, friendly animal that’s native to the Andes mountain range in South America, similar to a Lama. Warm and fuzzy!

So are their products and the good work they practice with their company. The goal of Shupaca is to bring one of the world’s finest natural materials in uniquely designed and handcrafted goods while promoting fair trade and supporting social and economic advancement for the artisans they work with. They travel to South America to work with the indigenous people to create original designs of their own using the beautiful Incan custom of traditional weaving methods.

“We’re participating in the LVCreative popUPshop to support local artists, and feel that it’s a great opportunity to bring our creative worlds together,” shared Shupaca gal Lori Perri. A perfect fit it is indeed – the modern edge of this classic material adds a great dimension to the artistic pool of the inaugural popUPshop.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tim Altbaum Productions: Spinning Tunes at Tomorrow's popUPshop

Tim Altbaum Productions (TAP) is synonymous with professional excellence. And charm. And fun. Since 1998, Tim and his team of entertainment and décor specialists have delivered impeccable service for their clients that not only creates joyful memories but establishes life-long friendships and repeat customers of TAP. Simply put, Tim is excellent at his work.

Tim will join the team of artists participating in LVCreative’s popUP Shop to spin stimulating sounds from 5:00 – 8:00p. “The popUp Shop is a unique medium in which to showcase our services,” shared Tim.

Jennifer Rea Jewelry: Handcrafted Jewelry poppingUP at the Studio

Color is a powerful tool for inspiration and expression. The value it holds in the daily life and design of jewelry artist Jennifer Rea is what makes her work intriguing. “Inspiration for me is everywhere but usually starts with color palettes I’m drawn to,” explains Jennifer. “My designs are delicate, colorful, and usually a bit unexpected.”

With her impressive use of gold and silver metals, and semiprecious gemstones, Jennifer crafts earrings and necklaces that are designed to last a lifetime. Her work is quality, and is a unique juxtaposition of shape, light, and weight, all balanced to highlight her love of color. “My jewelry is a reflection of the colors I find to be most beautiful together. I believe it’s often the most unusual color combinations that turn out to be the most captivating.”

Jennifer looks forward to sharing some of her newest work at the LVCreative popUPshop, and to the opportunity to collaborate with other local San Diego artists trying to create a market for handmade art and design.

Lori's Homemade: The Ultimate Indulgence for any Cookie Gourmande and Available at Tomorrow's popUPshop!

Good food is able to make a person pause, reflect, remember, tingle, smile, and want more. Lori’s Homemade cookies do all of these things. It IS all that and a bag of chips…and a bowl of cherries...seriously.

Founded by photographer and baker Lori Krause as an homage to the life-long baking she has enjoyed with her mother, the Lori’s Homemade signature cookie – made with oatmeal, chocolate chips, and cherries – is love at first bite. Lori has tirelessly tested, re-tested, and then tested some more the ways and means to make this cookie, and she has perfected the quality and amount of ingredients to do so. Her cookies are made to order, specially packaged, and hand delivered with a personalized note from the sender. Haven’t bitten yet? Here’s something sweet: $1 from every dozen cookies sold is donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in honor of Lori’s dear friend and all those challenged by the disease.

“I like to collaborate with other specialty businesses that take great pride in their products and business practices, the same way I do,” explained Lori. “Participating in the LVCreative popUPshop is a great way to expose my product and company to a broad group of new people!”

Wendelline Papers: Dear Friend and Vendor at the popUPshop

There’s nothing usual or mundane about Wendy Ware’s artistry. Every stroke of her pen creates a visual interpretation of her clients’ vision, soul, intention. Whether it’s calligraphy for a handwritten wedding invitation or a custom piece of art for a company’s logo, Wendy’s process to understand her client is thorough and her creative design is generous.

Wendy is a master calligrapher - a specialist in over 41 letter forms - and has a background in lithography. It’s the hybrid of Wendy’s technical abilities and creative wellspring that has launched the success of Wendelline Papers, her collection of originally calligraphed stationary products that are available for customization. These are paper designs for all life events – tags, place cards, favor wraps, menus…whatever suites the occasion.

“I want to bring the warmth of original hand written and hand drawn art back into vogue, to see beauty in the imperfection of hand created items,” explained Wendy. “Participating in the popUP Shop creates unique exposure to our line.”

A Joy Forever: The Next Featured Vendor at the Studio's popUPshop!

In the realm of event planning, organization and creativity are a must. A mindful eye on how to best serve the client’s vision plus consistent, clear communication are assets for success. But when there’s a depth that’s brought to the open canvas, with an awareness of something beyond oneself, then you have A Joy Forever, San Diego’s boutique event planning company that enriches their clients’ celebrations by ensuring that they’re present to the moments that matter.

Founders Krista Morrison and Gabrielle Ramsey follow five integral guides that act as the north star of their business. It’s their incorporation of purpose, loving relationships, devoted service, pure pleasure of creativity, and love of refined celebrations that build structure around their boundless imaginations. Krista and Gabrielle “love people, love parties, and love the idea of people coming together to share life and celebrate big.”

Their joie de vivre makes participating in the LVCreative popUP shop a perfect fit. “This is a unique opportunity to be a part of something with some of San Diego’s most creative people in an unexpected and fresh format.”

Monday, April 16, 2012

Serrelynda’s Enchantment: The First Featured Vendor at the Studio's PopUPshop!

There’s something magical and uniquely engaging about jewelry artist Sara Crisci’s work, as if it’s destiny fulfilled. In the house of Serrelynda’s Enchantment, she creates fashion statement cuff bracelets, earrings, and necklaces that are limited in production but lasting in quality, always mindful that she’s crafting an investment for her clients.

Serrelynda’s Enchantment is a nod to Sara’s given name (Saralinda) as well as literary lore around the name that Sara has found moving. Drawing her design inspiration from nature, legend, and myth, Sara’s work incorporates Neo-Victorian and Steampunk motif. She uses thick, solid brass and sterling silver plated brass, made in the United States, to build her pieces. She’s also a fan of incorporating Czech glass, gunmetal, antique buttons, and repurposed vintage items. A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco, Sara makes a bold statement with her work.

Sara looks forward to debuting her new line of unisex belt buckles at LVCreative’s inaugural popUP Shop at the Adorations Botanical Artisty studio on April 18th. This will be Sara’s first in-person event, for which she is excited. “This is such a different venue from a craft show or fair,” shared Sara. “I am inspired by the opportunity.”

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ceremony San Diego Magazine Cover!

Ceremony Magazine's Spring Cover showcases one of our favorite centerpieces designed for Adrianne & Dale last August. I was fortunate enough to contribute the floral portion of this stunning wedding by Susanne Duffy of Crown Weddings! We will be posting more photos of this wedding photographed by True Photography very soon.

Each curvaceous ceramic vessel cascades and rambles with ruffled and romantic garden roses in ivory, champagne and pale peach hues, ivory hydrangea adds to the scale of the centerpiece while the natural leaves of the garden roses and silvery dusty miller are the minimal foliage peeking amongst the blossoms. Hints of Victorian lavender, scabiosa flowers and heirloom clematis lend and airy romantic quality to the arrangement. Each blossom is hand selected for its contribution to the overall floral palette. An eclectic mix of both gold and silver toned mercury glass votives in a variety of styles and sizes surround this opulent floral display, completing this table-scape.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Thomas Bui Lifestyle...HE does it again!

Combining design sensibilities with the remarkable event designer Thomas Bui created a wedding show display that inspired both vendors and attendees at the recent U.S. Grant Bridal Show.

Just last weekend Thomas directed Concepts Event Design in creating a one of a kind flower wall, orchestrated the installation of the sleek furnishings by Lounge Appeal, the perfect placement of Jennifer Dailard's J. Grace menus, and inspired me to achieve new heights, {4 feet to be exact} in lush tabletop floral designing. I believe the photos express it best, and rightly said by Joshua Aull Photography. Great job everyone, I am thrilled to be in such delightful company!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Corner of Color at US Grant Bridal Show

Working with Liz Beck of Liz Beck Events is like meeting my best friend at Fashion Valley Mall for day of invigorating shopping, knowing that we are going to have a blast because we both love fashion, good times and are completely at ease with the others gifts and talents. This little photo collage is a modest peek into the the detailed imagery of Josh Aull, who took the time to capture each little nuance. Liz has extraordinary vision and what I respect the most is her exhaustive commitment to seeing it through! Fellow Gemini, I get you, I love you, I will meet you in a room full of white and fill it with color anytime! Keep checking all of our blogs, and facebook pages for more iamges soon! I left many for Liz to tell her story! Check out Liz and photographer Joshua Aull's blog to see "the rest of the story..." very soon.