Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Corner of Color at US Grant Bridal Show

Working with Liz Beck of Liz Beck Events is like meeting my best friend at Fashion Valley Mall for day of invigorating shopping, knowing that we are going to have a blast because we both love fashion, good times and are completely at ease with the others gifts and talents. This little photo collage is a modest peek into the the detailed imagery of Josh Aull, who took the time to capture each little nuance. Liz has extraordinary vision and what I respect the most is her exhaustive commitment to seeing it through! Fellow Gemini, I get you, I love you, I will meet you in a room full of white and fill it with color anytime! Keep checking all of our blogs, and facebook pages for more iamges soon! I left many for Liz to tell her story! Check out Liz and photographer Joshua Aull's blog to see "the rest of the story..." very soon.

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