Tuesday, April 27, 2010

artbus balls + bupleurum + railroad ties

To Do List:
Handle artbus balls with care.
Pass the bupleurum.
Spit shine railroad ties.

Along with the pleasure of handling such perfect specimens of God's perfection are the daily tasks involving a list of unforeseen duties as is the case in the instance of the Exquisite Weddings Photo Shoot. We are really proud to have driven the direction of this tabletop design accompanied by Kelly Aull of Mint Weddings. Many thanks for Terry Rippee’s discriminating eye for detail and composition in the published magazine photos!

This post is a medley of detail shots we took telling a bit more of the floral story, for I just could not pass up sharing the lovely Amnesia roses and plum dahlias that are tucked amongst the lush array of orange flowers; bringing the blue tabletop details to life!

Adorations Botanical Artistry +
Kelly Aull of Mint Weddings + Exquisite Weddings Magazine +
Photography: Terri Rippee, Rippee Photography +
Rentals: Adorations Private Collection +
Found Objects: Velvet Relic (slate, plaid blanket, railroad tie risers, reclaimed wood box for drink presentation) +
Dinnerware and Linen Rentals: Classic Party Rentals +
Paper Goods: Love at First Invite

Orange parrot and deep purple tulips parade amongst Cherry Brandy and Amnesia roses with bittersweet and orange and yellow artbus foliage (orange balls) add texture. Dark plum dahlias peek amongst verdant bupleurum and chocolate geranium foliage in rustic terra cotta urns on wrought iron stands.

Hard Goods:
Reclaimed dark wood railroad ties act as risers for blue mercury glass votives and petite vases with clean and simplistic stemmed candlesticks holding vivid mango embossed candles. Reclaimed slate chargers with floral paisley embellished dinner plates are finished with a simplistic taupe linen napkin, artbus foliage (orange balls), and copper patina place card with mohair fiber embellishment.

The place card, drink menu and table number got their rustic feel from copper paper with a light blue Patina rust paint technique. The names were typeset in a calligraphy type and printed on a custom die-cut bellyband. The place cards were finished off with rich mohair ties on either side of the card.

Rancho Valencia Resort

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Susanne & Chris

Susanne Duffy of Crown Weddings is one the very first coordinators to have referred me in this industry, back when I had only just begun creating romantic settings for couples in their honeymoon suite, after the wedding celebration. She was also one of the first that saw something more in me, beyond gossamer fabric and rose petals covering bed linens and scented shower walls. She had faith in my vision and my passion for providing an atmosphere for couples that continued the evening past the toasts and happy hugs and handshakes. I still remember sitting in her home studio, sharing tagged Martha Stewart magazines because I didn’t yet have a portfolio of wedding floral design to show my vision to clients. We all start somewhere, and I was fortunate to have Susanne telling her clients I was one of the ones to watch. She had more faith in me than I had in myself at the time as my voice trembled both with fear and excitement about this new direction my company was taking. While mostly self-taught, there are so many who have contributed to me along the way. In the whirlwind of a wedding season, we can forget to stop and acknowledge the true difference that those who encourage, refer, and celebrate us truly make! Sue is one such person, and her wedding gave me an opportunity to properly thank her through the best expression of gratitude that I know…flowers.

My few photos are just a glimpse; Darin Fong has posted a video that is especially sentimental and telling of the floral and decor elements! Check out the link here. Susanne & Chris’ wedding day is especially memorable, from the secret garden to the night club. The stories, the vows, the now united family that made me swell with tears as my husband and I held the heart shaped rose quartz crystal between clasped palms.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

inspration boards made easy

This is noteworthy resource for Industry Pros and Brides alike. Check out the BIG HUGE Labs website to make straightforward inspiration boards for your next wedding or social event! Their Mosaic Maker acts as a substitute for those who may be undersupplied with layout software.

This link will take you where you can download images from your computer, link your Facebook or Flicker account, creating up to 36 images on one page! Remember to always give photo and source credit!

For me the obvious bonus is the capacity to create a photo collage of my wee one...something I know his grandma has been waiting on...oh and they will print the images for you too! My examples are just a few of the choices..check it out!

row one~column one: jennifer dery photography