Wednesday, April 18, 2012

We've poppedUP: The Studio Doors are O*P*E*N-- come join us! Photos Courtesy of Josh Aull, Post by Rebecca Gaffney

By Rebecca Gaffney, Co-Founder | Writer, Red Letter Days Events, LLC

I’ve had the pleasure of calling LaVonne my friend for several years. Her kind heart, thoughtful intelligence, and divinely-gifted creativity have always inspired me. In fact, they inspire everyone with whom she touches. Ask any artist, event professional, or client who has collaborated with LaVonne, and you’re met with a smile and “She’s amazing.”

She’s humble as well (which is why I’m writing this piece in my voice…LaVonne won’t brag about herself so I’ll do it for her). LaVonne is a stand for passion, excellence in craftsmanship, and realizing visions beyond expectation. Adorations Botanical Artistry is an extension of LaVonne and it’s her vehicle for actualizing aesthetic awareness, which is paramount to her. She states that the name “Adorations Botanical Artistry” was selected deliberately and carefully.

It’s with the governing values of Adorations in mind that LaVonne established LVCreative and its inaugural popUPshop. “We are like-minded artists who have a passion for raising awareness of nontraditional retail merchandising. We hold a vision of similar, sometimes identical, vendors, supporting one another in the spirit of community through mutual trust and unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and quality.”

Excitement is stirring for today’s popUPshop, and the team of participating artists are anxious to share their work with its attendees. What a gratifying, happy experience for all, especially my friend, LaVonne, who we’re so proud of.

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