Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Joy Forever: The Next Featured Vendor at the Studio's popUPshop!

In the realm of event planning, organization and creativity are a must. A mindful eye on how to best serve the client’s vision plus consistent, clear communication are assets for success. But when there’s a depth that’s brought to the open canvas, with an awareness of something beyond oneself, then you have A Joy Forever, San Diego’s boutique event planning company that enriches their clients’ celebrations by ensuring that they’re present to the moments that matter.

Founders Krista Morrison and Gabrielle Ramsey follow five integral guides that act as the north star of their business. It’s their incorporation of purpose, loving relationships, devoted service, pure pleasure of creativity, and love of refined celebrations that build structure around their boundless imaginations. Krista and Gabrielle “love people, love parties, and love the idea of people coming together to share life and celebrate big.”

Their joie de vivre makes participating in the LVCreative popUP shop a perfect fit. “This is a unique opportunity to be a part of something with some of San Diego’s most creative people in an unexpected and fresh format.”

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