Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jennifer Rea Jewelry: Handcrafted Jewelry poppingUP at the Studio

Color is a powerful tool for inspiration and expression. The value it holds in the daily life and design of jewelry artist Jennifer Rea is what makes her work intriguing. “Inspiration for me is everywhere but usually starts with color palettes I’m drawn to,” explains Jennifer. “My designs are delicate, colorful, and usually a bit unexpected.”

With her impressive use of gold and silver metals, and semiprecious gemstones, Jennifer crafts earrings and necklaces that are designed to last a lifetime. Her work is quality, and is a unique juxtaposition of shape, light, and weight, all balanced to highlight her love of color. “My jewelry is a reflection of the colors I find to be most beautiful together. I believe it’s often the most unusual color combinations that turn out to be the most captivating.”

Jennifer looks forward to sharing some of her newest work at the LVCreative popUPshop, and to the opportunity to collaborate with other local San Diego artists trying to create a market for handmade art and design.

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