Thursday, March 10, 2011

When Opulence Meets Simplicity

Uncomplicated elegance.

Coastal magic, with a bit of vintage woven within the simple details.

Beautiful, but what does it mean?

Words, when too easily tossed about can muddle up the expression of a thing.

Let's keep this simple and look at what influences a design and final concept.

Succulents are amazing. They're like a modern piece of art growing right out of a rock. Check out the hint of teal flirting with the cool tones of the whole color palette. It's not so much that it gives off a matchy matchy vibe, but instead compliments the glass so perfectly it almost hurts.

Simple, yet staying true to the luxuriousness that is the Hotel Del Coronado.

The white linens and chairs assist in keeping everything breezy and simple, while the layered floral textures of the anemones, ranunculus and orchids contribute to the overall opulent vibe. The presentation is elegant without trying to hard. Which is what the West Coast is all about.

The vintage dishware and silver candlesticks tie it together with meaning and nostalgia.

See the tiny little succulents nestled in the rocks at the bottom of the glass. Happy sigh.
And those delicate little silver balls are...wait for it... Silver Brunia. There's nothing flashy about them, but they exude class and charm like your grandmother's heirloom jewelry.

The artistic direction for this photo shoot was led by Nick + Aleah Valley with Valley & Co. They enlisted the creative hands of Kristy Rice of Momental Designs. Kristy's hand drawn images round out the seemingly effortless design of the many talents that contributed to this photo shoot!

The Creative Team included:
Exquisite Weddings Magazine
Table Designers: Nick + Aleah Valley with Valley & Co
Flowers: Adorations Botanical Artistry
Linens: Wildflower Linen
Tableware: Valley & Co. private collection
Stationery: Momental Designs
Photography: Terri Rippee, Rippee Photography
Location: Hotel Del Coronado
Models: Carmel McAndrews and Andrei Razmeritsa


  1. I love how fresh it is while still keeping that charm "like your grandmother's heirloom jewelry." :) Beautiful design, beautiful flowers, beautiful location, and beautiful photography. Well done!!

  2. Love the succulents inside the centerpiece with the flowers on top - Beautiful!