Wednesday, December 1, 2010

ways to love...

Meet Brett and Laura; they are very much in love.

This Bride and Groom’s story is especially inspiring. Who they get to be for one another in the face of their circumstances leaves me speechless and moved in ways that validate all that I believe to be true.

Let their story act as a guide in your journey of love, I am sure you will be touched, moved and inspired in ways that leave you bowled over as well. They have won my heart and reminded me that it is important to cherish each moment for we know not when the gift of “our life” may actually wrap up.

The blessing of serving this couple came from Brett’s sister Carrie Butler, who I met when she photographed one of our mutual weddings last year. Although our time together was brief I immediately felt at home with her and we have stayed in touch since. I especially loved our chat while she was on the road from Utah to San Diego, en route to photograph and attend this wedding; you are a lady after my own heart, and Carrie, it is true, I received so much more out of this than I gave.

Thank you, Brett and Laura for leading the way down love’s winding road.

These first links are the words and images of Carrie Butler, speaking from the heart as only a sister can do, I thought it most appropriate to begin here...

In Carrie's post she goes into full detail of all of the generous support of the wedding community. It is truly amazing how this couple has inspired us all.

Please see the links below for the full story through wedding coordinator, Amy Vargas' eyes, of First Comes Love and the media's words, then if you are really brave and have a full box of tissue, meet Brett and Laura as they are interviewed on Fox San Diego News.

The photos are a taste of all what was pulled together in a matter of just a few days…

The photography posted below is the work of Carrie Butler, Tessa Desharnais, and Kristina Chartier.

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