Monday, December 21, 2009

home for the holidays

I love my home this Christmas. It is warm and cozy, simply decorated, reminiscent of my own humble childhood and full of my son's first tender steps, giggles, and screeches. I am spending the time with my family that I have so often devoted to my clients during past holidays. Although I miss the whirl of decorating for others during Christmas, I am so grateful for this opportunity to be with my little family and to savor these tender moments.

I thought I would post some photos of past centerpieces for those of you that may wonder what we are usually up to during this time of year. Check back in a couple of weeks to see the lovely New Year's Eve wedding we will be designing for Robin and Seth at Hotel Solamar. It is an elegant affair with white & black anemones, gardenias, hydrangea, birch, birch, birch, and a plethora of candles. Until then...

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